Under the Radar – Blue Jean Committee Album Review

Blue Jean Committee

Blue Jean Committee – Catalina Breeze EP

By Joshua M. Miller
Dec 28, 2015 Web Exclusive

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader spend much of their time during their day jobs impersonating others as comedians. So it’s no surprise—and a pretty natural extension—when they decided to form their own soft rock spoof band The Blue Jean Committee. The band recorded an EP to go with the season finale of their IFC show Documentary Now!, a satirical documentary that tells of the band’s rise and fall. The duo opts not to put comedy at the very forefront, instead making subtle allusions here and there. The duo showcases a tongue-in-cheek appreciation for soft rock and its unmistakable nooks and crannies. A good spoof band is usually one that’s authentic to the source material, and Armisen and Hader largely succeed in that regard. “Catalina Breeze” features some great lines such as “a barstool intellectual with a masters in small talk,” and “your philosophies are taken from a high class magazine.” “Freeway Song,” comparably, only has a short three-word chorus. (www.dragcity.com/artists/the-blue-jean-committee)

Blue Jean Committee

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